George Jackson

George Jackson Academy is the only school of its kind in New York City: a non-sectarian, independent upper elementary and middle school for bright boys from lower-income and underserved famlies. GJA was created to engage boys from 4th to 8th grade, a time when young men are particularly vulnerable to disengaging form school. George Jackson Academy creates a life-changing experience by challenging its students to grow as scholars, friends, and brothers in community.

In order to serve their target community, George Jackson provides financial aid to 100% of their students. City Readers is proud to support quality education and literacy through our partnership with George Jackson.

Visit George Jackson’s website for more.

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Dear City Readers,

On behalf of George Jackson Academy and its talented young men, we are very grateful for your desire to partner with our school. We eagerly anticipate your involvement in our community this Spring.

George Jackson Academy is the only school of its kind in New York City committed to providing an environment that supports and nurtures the academic capability of middle school boys from underserved communities and families. Since 2003, we have become a safe haven for boys whose school environments are not able to adequately challenge their academic potential and prowess.

Last May, we opened the Cat MacRae Library in memory of Cat MacRae who lost her life in the attacks of September 11th. Cat was a lover of books and her family thought that our school would be a perfect place to keep Cat’s love of books alive. We are grateful for the support of her family and others who have helped to transform our second floor into a library which is frequented everyday by almost all of our 130 students and 20 faculty members. With your help and support we will be able to make available books and resources that will aid in our boys reaching their highest academic potential.

Once again, thank you for selecting George Jackson Academy as the recipient of your efforts. We look forward to your visiting our school sometime in the near future and interacting with some of our boys who I know you will find to be true ambassadors of hope and inspiration.


David M. Arnold, Head of School

Thank you all who helped us meet our goal. Enjoy pictures of our first ever book drop at George Jackson Academy: